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gordon goudie
singer | composer | guitar | bass
associated with simple minds: 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009, 2016-

Gordon Goudie Gordon Goudie first appeared alongside Jim and Charlie in the newly rejuvinated Neon Lights-era Simple Minds. Playing a multitude of instruments, he shared musical and vocal duties with the founding members.

His input to Neon Lights and Cry was so fundamental that he was featured in the Dancing Barefoot video and graced the front cover of Cry.

Gordon Goudie first appeared as a late edition to the Scottish outfit The Primevals, where he played bass. He's also worked with Echo And The Bunnymen as their rhythm guitarist (and so has played Bring On The Dancing Horses with the Bunnymen for real).

And whenever Simple Minds were in Scotland, he's was hand to help out as musician or producer: he produced the Billy Sloan sessions for Cry, the exclusive tracks for Live And Rare, and composed and played on tracks for Black And White 050505 and Graffiti Soul.

He was instrumental with the Acoustic album, rearranging many old Minds' classics, and playing on the record. And, for the first time, he became part of the band's touring lineup.

"It was more than fifteen years ago, however it was Gordy Goudie'srearrangement of Cry (we retitled it Cry Again) that started to convince us that maybe Simple Minds could and should work on some more acoustic based arrangements for a future project. Fast forward to early last year, to when we finally decided to record our Acoustic album. It made sense to reconnect with Gordy, (who had previously written and produced for Simple Minds) and set him the challenge of helping to rearrange some of the earlier iconic Minds tunes. The result is the versions of Glittering Prize, Speed Your Love To Me and Richard Hawley's haunting Long Black Train, all of which feature on Acoustic. Many who appreciate the acoustic project will agree that the aforementioned tracks are among the standouts, and for that we are grateful to Gordy's talent. We are also excited at the prospect of a few other Minds classics that Gordy and Charlie are currently working on for the upcoming Acoustic tour. It's going to be good. Really good!" - Jim, 2nd March 2017

discography: mainstream singles
Dancing Barefoot Cry Spaceface Home Stranger Rockets Stars Will Lead The Way

discography: mainstream albums
Neon Lights Cry Black And White Graffiti Soul Walk Between Worlds

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Travelling Light 2016
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