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acoustic live 2017

"The concert stage is where Simple Minds do their best work, it is where we forged our distinctive live reputation. For that reason we look forward immensely to taking "Simple Minds Acoustic" out on tour. Don't be fooled by the acoustic tag however! These shows will be as energetic and passionate as ever." - Jim, November 2016

Acoustic Live 2017 is the natural evolution of an album project that has seen the band strip down and re-imagine songs spanning their eclectic and illustrious career. On Simple Minds Acoustic the band have found a way of doing the acoustic thing without losing their essence, and Simple Minds songs loved by millions now sound more organic and even more likely to leave a lasting imprint.

"It's that time of year where we get asked what were the highlights of the past 12 months. Best live show for me was U2 at Glasgow Hydro. (Just over a year ago in fact.) The music and performance was searingly good as always. And although the ground breaking technology of the video screens mesmerised, the biggest impact for me was when the guys played some of their earliest songs under a solitary lightbulb e.g. I Will Follow... It's just dawned on me that a year later Simple Minds currently begin our sets under a solitary... chandelier. Same difference I suppose!" - Jim, 24th November 2016.

(One quip at the Hackney Empire gig was that the chandelier came from Elton John's bathroom.)

"It really has been encouraging to see how much pleasure the acoustic album has already given to those open-minded enough to take a chance on it. There were plenty of doubters and still are. Some really quite ignorant comments came our way and that that will probably continue, but it will never deter. Blunt negativity of any sort has had no real effect on us whatsoever for four decades, so why would it do so now? Usually it causes us to laugh, if truth be known. But then again, given that it has taken us until now to release such a project, it might be obvious to suggest that we ourselves had plenty of reservations? And we certainly did. Until... the music started that is! Because as soon as Charlie Burchill came up with the haunting acoustic template for the album opener The American, it was obvious to us that this would be more than a worthwhile exercise, and something we should commit to wholeheartedly. That commitment will extend to this tour. And for those who saw and enjoyed the Hackney Empire preview I would like to say - you really have not seen anything yet! The news that tickets for that tour are selling so well throughout UK/Europe, and that additional dates are being added etc, is of course heartwarming. So again, we say thanks to all who have "backed us" with the acoustic record and tour. Your enthusiasm has an immense effect on who we are and what we do. It really means the world!" - Jim, 3rd December 2016

"With praise still coming in for the acoustic album, how can we not be looking forward to the upcoming Spring tour of Europe/Ireland/UK. The one-off London, Hackney gig that featured live on the BBC last November, did the profile of the project a world of good. I guess on the back of that we were delighted to see ticket sales for the tour go so well. Not a bad result then? Considering the amount of hostility that came our way initially. (And all for having the temerity to desire hearing our classic sound stripped down a little!) But let's be clear. A Minds version of a live acoustic performance is bound to be different from what most people probably think of when they imagine an acoustic show? Our version will definitely not revolve around two "earnest troubadours" perched on stools, eyes closed and surrounded by a circle of little tea-light candles. Strumming away forlornly. Jeez Oh... To hell with that! No. Simple Minds Acoustic Live will be about a different kind of energy. One that pours from the heart but aims to get the feet moving. Moving that is, as in jumping up and down. These shows will be sweaty rather that icey cool. Passionate and noisey, rather than ponderous/airy fairy. All manner of dynamic songs, featuring plenty of drama, and with a rock n roll spirit still very much in attendance throughout. Plus, having KT Tunstall with us in Europe, kick starting the evening - well, that is an unimaginable bonus. You might think you like her already? But I vouch you'll love her by the end of her set. Both Charlie and I were head over heels in awe of her talent, when she came down to our studio and performed on the acoustic version of Promised You A Miracle. The inspired new arrangement owes more to her incidentally, than it does us. And that's not all! We will also be bringing some fantastic lighting, and a beautiful stage design that to be very frank - a project that only plays small and beautiful concert halls like this - usually cannot afford. But we will "dig deep", we will give all to make it happen. A true one - off then. A genuinely unique Simple Minds tour that those who support us deserve. What else to say? Huge thanks to all who have indeed supported us by buying the album and of course tickets to the shows. We will not let you down." - Jim, 2nd March 2017

"It was more than fifteen years ago, however it was Gordy Goudie's rearrangement of Cry (we retitled it Cry Again) that started to convince us that maybe Simple Minds could and should work on some more acoustic based arrangements for a future project. Fast forward to early last year, to when we finally decided to record our Acoustic album. It made sense to reconnect with Gordy, (who had previously written and produced for Simple Minds) and set him the challenge of helping to rearrange some of the earlier iconic Minds tunes. The result is the versions of Glittering Prize, Speed Your Love To Me and Richard Hawley's haunting Long Black Train, all of which feature on Acoustic. Many who appreciate the acoustic project will agree that the aforementioned tracks are among the standouts, and for that we are grateful to Gordy's talent. We are also excited at the prospect of a few other Minds classics that Gordy and Charlie are currently working on for the upcoming Acoustic tour. It's going to be good. Really good!" - Jim, 20th February 2017

The tour programme included pictures taken at the album sessions, the video shoots, the Ivor Novello Awards and at Hackney Empire. Billy Sloan wrote the sleeve notes which included interviews with every member of the band. Invidual pages were devoted to support acts KT Tunstall and The Anchoress whilst there was also adverts for Acoustic the the forthcoming Acoustic Live.

Tour flyer for the UK gigs.

"The European leg of the Simple Minds Acoustic tour is due to start this coming Saturday in Essen, Germany."

"Following on a few weeks later, with dates throughout UK and Ireland."

"We really want to "hit the ground" running, from the first show and continuing all the way through to the last In Dublin fair city."

"In doing so hopefully giving our best in making these gigs as enjoyable and as memorable as possible for all who come to see us throughout these next couple of months."

"I am confident we will achieve that. If not, it won't be for a lack of trying."

"I certainly cannot recall ever putting so much into rehearsing as we have done at various intervals over the last year, all in a build - up preparation for this tour."

"That was necessary, given that we have never previously toured with an acoustic show. Plus, the chances are that this may indeed be the one and only time that we do so."

"If so, it genuinely will be a unique experience both for us and the audience."

"And even more pressure then, to make it beyond good!" - Jim, 3rd April 2017

Colosseum Theater, Essen, Germany
8th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Many thanks to Paul Van Haeff for the ticket scan and picture.

"Exactly a year ago today we played an acoustic set for the first time in our long career. In fact, we first considered accepting the chance to play an acoustic show for MTV Unplugged some 30 years ago. But y'know, somethings take a while to get round to, and more than often it is as much about "the timing" as it is the idea."

"Anyway, 12 months ago, we made our way up a snowy mountain in Zermatt, Switzerland. Not knowing at all how we would feel 24 hours later? And with no idea if our first ever acoustic set to be played later on than night would fail miserably?"

"In that case we would have sloped off the mountain next day, and little more would be said of Simple Minds performing acoustically ever again."

"Thankfully that was not the case."

"Instead, within a minute or two of the opening song that night, See The Lights we knew that with a lot more effort, and a dose of ingenuity, Simple Minds music could easily work its magic being performed acoustically. And so we rolled up our sleeves and decided to spend the summer continuing to work on the new Simple Minds album - the follow up to Big Music - plus, put added energy into recording an acoustic album featuring a list of Minds classics."

"Around 6 months later, the release of the Acoustic album, and our UK acoustic showcase gig, broadcast live by BBC from Hackney Empire London, hopefully demonstrated the effort we put into the acoustic project. We were delighted by the results, and we were certainly enthused enough by the public reaction to then announce an extensive tour of Europe, UK and Ireland."

"Tomorrow night in Germany we begin that tour, and my intention is to savour every minute of every show. Who knows if we will ever tour in this fashion again after all? My own sense is that this will be the "one and only.""

"Thanks to all who are coming to see us. Thanks to all who have supported us throughout the Simple Minds Acoustic project. See you out there. Somewhere?" - Jim, 7th April 2017

Colosseum Theater, Essen, Germany
9th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall
Main Set: New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / See The Lights / Glittering Prize / Chelsea Girl / Big Sleep / Stand By Love / Someone Somewhere In Summertime / Waterfront / Andy Warhol / Dancing Barefoot / Speed Your Love To Me / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Sanctify Yourself
Encore: Long Black Train / Promised You A Miracle / For What It's Worth / Alive And Kicking

Many thanks to JohnnyBGood for the set-list and pictures.

Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany
10th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"Our acoustic tour finally got underway last night in Essen and I don't think we have had a better opening night to any tour?"

"Exciting as "opening nights"are, understandably there is usually something a little nervous about them. And as things are tried out for the first time, of course some errors and gremlins are normally encountered."

"In fact things could not have run smoother last night."

"Very nice venue, wonderful audience, the perfect acoustic set list, and a group of musicians who love doing what they do."

"KT Tunstall's involvement also raised the level greatly. We are so fortunate to have her as special guest and then join us later on during our own set."

"What else to say? Our crew did a splendid job with light and sound, and we look forward to more of the same tonight for the 2nd Essen show."

"After that, we will be more than prepared for tomorrow night (Monday 10th) in Frankfurt."

"Thanks to all for coming to see Simple Minds Acoustic." - Jim, 9th April 2017

Meistersingerhalle, Nuremberg, Germany
11th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"Our Long Black Train will pull in to Nuremberg, tonight for the 4th Simple Minds acoustic concert. Thank you to all in Frankfurt. We are loving these venues, and the special atmosphere that is both present and unique to this tour. Looking forward to seeing everyone who plans on coming to see Simple Minds" - Jim, 11th April 2017

Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany
13th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"Arriving in Berlin as we have this morning, inevitably brings back many memories of our first trips to this most unique city."

"Whilst touring between 1979 and 1982, Simple Minds probably made that famous "Berlin corridor" drive - from Hamburg to what is now the capital city, at least 6 times. In doing so we travelled through part of what was then known as East Germany, and at that time it of course belonged inextricably to the so called Soviet Bloc of countries, all umbilically tied to Moscow."

"The experience of that was nothing short of fascinating. As we, fuelled on Graham Greene novels and an endless amount of spy movies, set out on our very own Cold War appointment, feeling entirely like we were travelling into a parallel world. One that is, that we in the West were mostly taught to both abhor and fear. Such was the bi-polar clash of philosophies that dominated world politics in those days."

"Placid enough. The images we saw along the way were mostly ones of country landscapes and little, nondescript villages. Undoubtedly though the surrounding atmosphere felt undeniably stark, and strangely as though we had entered into the dimensions of another time all together. Time gone backward, I suppose."

"However as we approached West Berlin itself, we gradually came into contact with army vehicles, scary looking watch towers, barbed wire fences and finally camouflaged tanks set off from the side of the road. All of course induced a great sense of imminent warning, I assume that was the overall purpose? If so, it had maximum effect."

"We were never advised to stop or get out our mini bus. We were however definitely advised not to go nosing around as we would elsewhere in the world. In fact the only occasions we did stop was for random security checks by the military guards. All unforgettably dressed in uniforms bearing the single Soviet red star. Ominously they were there to keep a fixed eye on all that was going on, in turn leaving us more than a little paranoid."

"Young men themselves, their roles within a world of stern officialdom could not have been in more contrast to our own laid back and somewhat decadent artistic lifestyles. Recalling it all now, it is very difficult to describe the quiet that came over all of us, as we seemed metaphorically to be holding our breath, while sealed in our 9 seater bus throughout the 3 to 4 hour drive, leading us finally to what we and countless others worldwide then regarded as a haven - better known as West Berlin."

"On arrival it seemed that we could fully breathe again. Free to return to ourselves somehow. Amongst the bright lights and energy of West Berlin, we were certainly free to re-connect with a world of which we were much more familiar."

"And as the horseplay and chutzpah, common to most 20 year old lads flooded back, we headed first for the infamous "Checkpoint Charlie" border crossing, and then finally to stand against that iconic light grey, linear monument. It's brutal purpose known globally as a tragedy for humanity. It was however simply referred to as the Berlin Wall."

"I fully admit that looking back on things so long ago is not always an easy task. The essence of what happened always remains, but sometimes it gets a bit blurred between the stone cold reality of events as they genuinely occurred. And a more fuzzy, exaggerated, picture of sorts."

"That is probably to be expected, as in some cases we are often talking about countless experiences, some of which happened a whole 4 decades ago."

"Hard to believe it, but almost no one had video cameras or even photo cameras amongst us back then. That again sometimes leaves me either fully forgetting events, or wondering about how likely the details I recall are in relation to the truths of those innocent years when it was all brand new to us. Plus, when you move around like we do, flirting from one tour to the next etc. It is normal that it all gets a bit tricky to distinguish certain tour memories from the other."

"Thankfully the journalist Ronnie Gurr was there with us on one of those initial trips to Berlin. Recently available, the snaps he took of Simple Minds larking around in the shadow of the wall, were genuinely a joy for both Charlie and I to see."

"I myself, so taken, have ordered prints that will adorn the walls in one of the rooms in my house. Memories never to be forgotten, images of early Simple Minds feature brilliantly in "So Far, so Distant And So Long Ago: Simple Minds in Berlin 1980""

"Check them out. Thanks to Ronnie for being there!" - Jim, 12th April 2017

"I commented recently that between travelling, resting and hanging around waiting for showtime, which is where all the time is actually "eaten up". It means that we actually don't play that much music when go on tour?"

"Including that is, even when there is a crazy schedule, as is the case this week where we will play 6 shows in 7 days. Well again, most of the time is spent setting the concerts up, and in comparison so little is spent performing. That is just the irony of going on tour to play live music."

"But it also explains why we massively appreciate the efforts of our road crew/technicians who do work almost non-stop to facilitate us as we aim to put on the kind of events that we can feel proud of, and of which we feel our audience deserve. They have been particularly impressive this week, ensuring that Simple Minds Acoustic Live has had an excellent opening run of gigs."

"As this recently taken photo suggests, a lot of time on tour is however spent laughing. Yes, even on stage, where the banter between us continues!"

"I have no idea what Sarah and Charlie are laughing at in this pic, and who knows what I am looking at? But the image made me both laugh and reflect on the fact that being on tour with Simple Minds at this stage in our career, is much more fun than it was at any other previously."

"Don't get me wrong. It was always a pleasure, always plenty of good times. Somehow though, we are in general much more relaxed about just about everything these days. See you tonight in Berlin I hope." - Jim, 13th April 2017

Laeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
14th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall
Main Set: New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / See The Lights / Glittering Prize / Chelsea Girl / Big Sleep / Stand By Love / Someone Somewhere In Summertime / Waterfront / Andy Warhol / Dancing Barefoot / Speed Your Love To Me / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Sanctify Yourself
Encore: Long Black Train / Promised You A Miracle / For What It's Worth / Alive And Kicking

"As in the picture, we will be on the front foot tonight while putting out as much energy and effort for Hamburg. The day off in Berlin prior to the Berlin show definitely revitalised all of us, and I personally felt better on stage last night as a result. Thanks to all who welcomed us in Berlin, making us feel so good. Thanks to all who are coming to see us in Hamburg tonight, we will make it worthwhile. Guaranteed!" - Jim, 13th April 2017

The Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
15th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall
Main Set: New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) / See The Lights / Glittering Prize / Chelsea Girl / Big Sleep / Stand By Love / Someone Somewhere In Summertime / Waterfront / Andy Warhol / Dancing Barefoot / Speed Your Love To Me / Don't You (Forget About Me) / Sanctify Yourself
Encore: Long Black Train / Promised You A Miracle / For What It's Worth / Alive And Kicking

Many thanks to John for the set-list.

"Thanks to everybody in Hamburg for a wonderful night in the beautiful Laeiszhalle!

"Now to Copenhagen where we will see you later tonight!"

"Denmark has always been generous to Simple Minds, particularly recalling our first ever visit back in 1979 and so many times since."

"But our "acoustic show" is something different, and truly a reward to see the reaction to the music that these great musicians are performing at each and every show."

"Thanks to all who are travelling from near and far to see our acoustic concerts, it is truly appreciated." - Jim, 15th April 2017

"Easter Sunday and we have one of those rare things... a day off from work!"

"Luckily we will spend the day in Baden Baden, (playing there tomorrow night) a beautiful little spa town that lies in a valley of the Northern Black Forest in southwestern Germany."

"It was the Romans (of course) who first settled there, going all the way back to the Emperor Hadrian, already using the natural spring waters to relieve all manner of "arthritic aches.""

"I suppose that since Simple Minds have played 6 shows in the last 7 days, we might also benefit in helping out with our own arthritic aches!"

"Only joking of course. Because despite the full on schedule, we are having a ball each and every night, being energised in the process."

"That is entirely due to the reaction from the audiences at each of these Simple Minds Acoustic Live Shows. Thanks to all of you for that!" - Jim, 16th April 2017

"Simple Minds has forever been in motion, with virtually nothing about what we do remaining fixed."

"The exception being the relationship that both Charlie and I have with each other, and our shared determination to see that our band has continued to grow creatively whether out there on a live stage, or within the hub of rehearsal and recording studios."

"Hopefully we mostly make it all look/seem easy? That is the aim. After all, when anyone buys a ticket or listens to our music, they don't really need to know the trials and tribulations that occurred along the way. And they certainly are not required to share in any of the pain that perhaps came our way as we struggled to make sense of what we do and why we do it - through good times - and some measure of bad also."

"To be fair, not much of our "angsty stuff" is that interesting, or unique? Not been that much of it either. Not recently. Sure, a very long time ago, way in the distant past, we went through some of the usual "run of the mill stuff" that is bound to happen when young males group together within an initial shared ideal. One that then inevitably untangles as power struggles and petty jealousies naturally kick in. And that right there - is the story of just about all rock bands. Even if some are reluctant to admit."

"The thing is, we might work in a realm that seems exotic compared to the so called everyday work scenarios. But our story has been shaped by the same kind of forces/happenings that I'd venture we all experience in our own individual ways as we try to eek out successful experiences and relationships within our work and personal lives."

"Admittedly we have had great fortune in achieving things beyond any comprehension imaginable from when we set out on this adventure almost 40 years ago. But like everyone else, we have also known what it is like to feel desperate; remorseful even."

"We also know the feeling of dread on realising that even with people you know and have loved being with for years, that somehow you have now arrived at an intersection - that in turn leads you to take separate paths. Moving apart - in endlessly complex ways. Sad of course. But that is also all part of growing and evolving. At least as we have come to know it."

"And what else do we know as a result of doing what we have been doing for so long?"

"Well, we know a unique talent whenever it walks in the room? And we also know the difference between good, really good.....and world class!"

"I'm now talking about percussionist/drummer Cherisse Osei. And those who have seen our Simple Minds Live Acoustic will surely understand my breathless enthusiasm for rare individuals like her. I mean those who are willing to work beyond the norm in order to achieve a level of excellence beyond what most others settle for."

"Still very new to working with the music of Simple Minds, there is a lot more to tell about Cherisse, and in time she will do a better job of that than me. But I can nevertheless tell you how inspired I was by listening to her extraordinary story, told to me as we travelled through Germany together last week."

"Let's face it, not many 11 year old girls beg for the keys of the school? So that they can go in at 7:30 am every morning, and then bang the hell out of all manner of percussion prior to the daily school lessons. Likewise, not many young women were invited to do a quasi solo spot, playing drums at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing."

"If details like that don't impress you, then I don't know what to say?"

"Except, don't take my word for it. Come witness Cherisse Osei doing her thing - for yourself."

"And know that as far as Simple Minds are concerned, if we are going to continue to sweat blood and tears, then as always - we will want to do it within the company of the very best. And those with best attitude only!" - Jim, 16th April 2017

Kurhaus, Baden-Baden, Germany
17th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"Easter Sunday got to off to a great start on arrival at our hotel in this quaint spa town. We are usually spoiled, but the room I had been allocated is particularly stunning, breathtaking in fact. So good, and big enough, that it took me a few minutes to take it it all in. The thrill of it all lasted up until I drew back the curtains, only to find a floor to ceiling view... of a full - on construction site!"

"Well, you can't have it all I suppose. Or maybe you can, if you are bothered enough to kick up enough fuss. But that is rarely my style, and in any case having spent years working on construction sites prior to "working in show business", it did not take me long to remind myself how lucky I am to have found the career that I have."

"The air here is particular fresh, and the town looked stunning to both Charlie and I as we pottered around in the afternoon drizzle."

"The clearest of water streams that run through town are loaded with flower petals from the various trees/plants that are now full approaching full bloom. The only other time I have witnessed that to such a degree was in Kyoto, Japan, also during springtime."

"Baden-Baden coincidentally, is where we first met KT Tunstall. I think that was in the summer of 2003 - 4 maybe? She had newly broken through with her debut album and was picking up an award at a ceremony that was also acknowledging the music of Simple Minds."

"We did not have the chance to talk much that night, but we were certainly taken by her engaging and spirited personality, which was every bit as impressive as the music she was releasing to the world."

"From then on we listened and enjoyed each subsequent release, recognising that KT was really rather special as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and live performer. And if I had a pound for every time I have listened to her singing Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up In Blue" as she did on Later - with Jools Holland, I would probably be able to afford one of those great looking period houses that give so much character to this town that sits on the edge of the Black Forest."

"It was in fact not until last year, while at yet another award show this time in Glasgow, that we once again met up with KT. And within a heartbeat, from listening to her soundcheck only, we knew instictively that she would be perfect to feature on the version of Promised You A Miracle that we had planned for our acoustic album."The rest is now Simple Minds history. It was absolutely rewarding to spend the day with KT in our London studio, but it is truly an honour to have an artist with her talent out touring with us throughout our European dates - as our special guest."

"The emphasis being on "special" is genuinely merited this time. So get there early and take the opportunity to see and listen to KT. We know that you will be as impressed as we are." - Jim, 17th April 2017

Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
18th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"After 7 memorable shows in Germany and 1 in Denmark, we now pull out of Baden-Baden and gradually make our way to Italy via Luxembourg (tonight) and Lucerne, Switzerland, tomorrow night. These first 8 shows made us feel that we were off to a great start, coming face to face with very encouraging audiences as well as some really wonderful concert halls. After essentially a week of "bedding in" a solid setlist, one that befits the concept of this acoustic tour. We are now looking to add/chop change a different song or two each week to the setlist. (Honest Town slotted in as first encore last night) Other than that, not much else to report. Except to say that we are enjoying every moment of the tour." - Jim, 18th April 2017.

KKL Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland
19th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"So what is the story here with our inspired bassist, Ged Grimes? Could it be that he has just remembered that he left the bath running in his hotel room an hour earlier? I've done that before! Or maybe he is desperately dealing with his frustration as "the lead singer" screws up once again? I'd say there is a good chance of that also, judging by the slightly bemused look on guitarist Gordy Goudie's face, as he in turn glances over to the centre of the stage and is possibly thinking "WTF???" Most likely however, Ged is purely lost in the music. And yet simultaneously making sure that we all keep the right kind of discipline that many of these classic Minds songs require. Particularly if they are to excel while being performed acoustically? I'm talking about creating and maintaining those dramatic/goosebump moments we feel we need for this touring show in particular. That task is so much easier said than done though. Because after working with one "live attitude" for so many years, it really is different for us this time. And that is where Ged rather solidly determines not only if, and when, we are "hitting the mark". But once achieved... how we must keep doing so? I guess within that role, he is the taskmaster. Very much the one who decides the levels of intensity, going as far as addressing what kind of energy we should be looking to use with every individual song. And he also does a great job in articulating why something is not working, and how we could think differently in order to make it do so. Being so, it is fair to say that so much of the attitude behind these current performances is down to Ged's outlook. And as for the audiences who seem to revel in our current live set each night? Well, they deserve maximum effort. Yet another effect, coming from the mentality that is so much a part of Ged Grimes." - Jim, 19th April 2017.

"I got more than a little sentimental yesterday while talking to our friend/promoter Andy Bechir backstage in Luzern. So taken by the KKL - a wonderful classical venue that sits on the lake front - I was asking about previous shows that he had seen there? Not too many it seems. In any case, in the middle of our conversation, and suddenly with a sad look in his eyes, he informed me that Prince had been booked to do two shows there last year. Leading us both to dwell on how stunning it would have been to hear the music of Prince played live inside that amazing concert venue. The passing of Prince, exactly a year ago tomorrow, meant that never got to happen. But it also left me thinking and feeling, with minutes to go before Simple Minds went on stage, that perhaps we should make sure that the music of such a great artist, and of whom we admired so much, should still get to resonate within the walls of that prestigious, elegant venue. At that point, and with rush of blood etc. I made my way down the hall to enquire if the rest of our band would be up for playing Prince's The Cross during our set, performing our own tribute? What else can I tell you? I can tell you it felt absolutely the right thing to do, and I can also tell you that I reckon Prince would more than have approved of Charlie Burchill's inspired arrangement of a song that manages to feel like a prayer. Last in night in Luzern, amid show topped hills, and with the cool water of the lake lapping the shore front concert hall. The music of Prince lived on!" - Jim, 20th April 2017.

Prince's The Cross was recorded during the soundcheck.

Following Jim's post yesterday and to coincide with the first anniversary of Prince's passing Simple Minds will play their version of The Cross during this week's Acoustic Live dates.

Teatro Colosseo, Turin, Italy
21st April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall
"After a drive through the snowy mountains we arrived in sunny Torino. As you can see both "The Double G's" i.e. Ged Grimes (bass) and Gordy Goudie (guitar) already look very relaxed + happy to be here. In fact we are all happy to be here as Italy is always a highlight of any touring schedule. Looking forward very much to playing Turin (tomorrow) followed by Ancona, Rome, Bologna, Firenze, and finally Milano. A great week ahead of us, we are sure of it!" - Jim, 20th April 2017.

"A big weekend ahead for Simple Minds Acoustic. Turin tonight, followed by Ancona and finally Rome on Sunday. The sun is shining, my 3 day cold has cleared, and many of us look forward to catching up with friends and family who are coming out to see the shows. Above all we are looking forward to giving our best on stage. Thanks to all who are coming to these next three shows in Italy!" - Jim, 21st April 2017.

"Great to finally begin our series of Italian concerts last night in Torino. We then travelled through the night to the port city of Ancona, arriving to early morning blue skies and very nice views of the equally blue Adriatic sea. Looking forward to tonight's show. Before will go out for a walk with Charlie, good to have a bit of a look around. No doubt he'll want to find the best place for his fave - spaghetti alle vongole. - Jim, 21st April 2017.

Teatro delle Muse, Ancona, Italy
22nd April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"Thanks to all for a special night in Ancona - we really enjoyed our time there! So sorry that I forgot to introduce drummer/percussionist Cherisse Osei. I am sure you will agree that she played truly great! Today we will finally get to Rome...and as always we can't wait to play for you. I can sense it is going to be another wonderful night - on this Acoustic Live Tour. See you later!" - Jim, 22nd April 2017.

Auditorium Conciliazione, Rome, Italy
23rd April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"Although I cannot justify why, I am somehow naturally superstitious. 13 of course is often referred to as the unlucky number and for that reason I was a mite anxious about last night's show in Rome - it being our 13th gig of the tour. Thankfully there was seemingly nothing negative about last night's show, some reviews even calling it our best ever show in the capital city. We are having a ball out here, and we feel that with every passing gig, the show somehow grows in quality. Thumbs up all around then!" - Jim, 24th April 2017.

"After a splendid show in Rome, including one of the most generous audiences we have experienced so far. Today is free - to rest and recuperate. We are very happy about that too. Less so for ourselves, more so for our travelling crew, who as usual are putting in great mental and physical effort throughout this tour. We appreciate them immensely for doing so. Although fair to say that we all, band and crew, relish our chosen professional lives. It is never without some "daily struggle". But again, everybody has some kind of struggle going on in their lives. Some experience them as normal problems, others have some profound problems that they need to overcome. My heart goes out to them. Actually this photo of the local crew in Ancona struggling to fit our beautiful chandelier inside the impossibly narrow theatre doors made me smile. Of course they succeeded, but I fear the man on the left of the photo might be literally "working his ass off". In any case the rewards for all our struggles become apparent every night as soon as we begin the show. The smiles on the faces from those who have come to see Simple Minds being the ultimate reward. We share in knowing when a great show has taken place, and everyone involved takes great satisfaction in that. I'm looking forward to switching off today. Coming back fresh for tomorrow's show in Bologna. Above all I hope our crew have a great day, with plenty of rest. They really deserve it!" - Jim, 24th April 2017.

Teatro Auditorium Manzoni, Bologna, Italy
25th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

"Kirsty McColl, Robin Clark, Sue Hadjopolous, Lisa Germano, Annie McCaig, Neneh Cherry, Sinead O'Connor, Miriam Timmer, Sarah Brown, Catherine A.D., KT Tunstall, and last but not least drummer/percussionist Cherisse Osei have all performed on stage with Simple Minds. Behind the scenes, Jaine Henderson, Gemma Corfield, Sandra Dods, Debbie Caponetta, Leslie Milthorpe, Kay Melrose, Elaine Gwyther and Sara Battini add to the list of women who have contributed by helping/nuturing/guiding/organising Simple Minds efforts over the many years. What am I saying? I suppose I am pointing out that apart from those very early years - when we were yet to come into contact with many women - and therefore lined up in the only way we knew - as a traditional 5 piece, male, rock band etc., Simple Minds have otherwise, in so many ways, relied on superbly talented women to help us get our music/message across. So much so, that currently the idea of going on stage as a male only rock band now seems very abstract altogether. It’s not that any strategic planning has ever been involved, or as if we woke up one day and decided "Hey wouldn’t it be novel to get some women on board?" Not at all! It is all about the individuals we come across, the people who have impressed us enough, for us to want to tie our wagon to theirs. In doing so hoping that we’d all create good stuff, and all grow as a result of that. Truly? Collaborating within a men only world, would not feel like an evolved Simple Minds. Or reflect a progressive world - one that we have recognised as the norm for some decades now. On that note full credit to Sly Stone, as way back in the 60's he had arguably the first multi-racial, mixed gender band. Undoubtedly inviting Prince to take a leaf out of his book. But it is all about evolving through the years. Or it is for Simple Minds. Times change continuously. Not much really stays the same with us. Except the desire to both keep things fresh, and somehow still get better." - Jim, 24th April 2017.

Teatro Verdi, Florence, Italy
26th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy
27th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Halle aux Grains, Toulouse, France
29th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

L’Auditori, Barcelona, Spain
30th April, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Teatro Circo Price, Madrid, Spain
2nd May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Lisbon Coliseum, Lisbon, Portugal
3rd May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Coliseu do Porto, Porto, Portugal
4th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Forum Evolucion, Burgos, Spain
6th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Baluarte, Pamplona, Spain
7th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Patinoire de Mériadeck, Bordeaux, France
8th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Cite De Congres, Nantes, France
9th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Le Grand Rex, Paris, France
11th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Kursaal Oostende, Oostende, Belgium
12th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Kursaal Oostende, Oostende, Belgium
13th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Royal Theatre Carré, Amsterdam, Netherlands
14th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Palais Des Beaux-Art (Bozar), Brussels, Belgium
15th May, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Caird Hall, Dundee, UK
17th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, UK
18th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Sage Gateshead, Gateshead Quays, UK
19th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK
21st May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Royal Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, UK
22nd May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK
23rd May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

The Spa, Bridlington, UK
25th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK
26th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

London Palladium, London, UK
27th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
29th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

St Davids Hall, Cardiff, UK
30th May, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Mayflower Theatre, Southampton, UK
1st June, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

The Lighthouse, Poole, UK
2nd June, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK
3rd June, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Theatre Royal, London, UK
4th June, 2017
Support: The Anchoress

Waterfront Hall, Belfast, UK
6th June, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall
"Particularly delighted to have these dates announced. Both cities have supported us since our very earliest days, given us some of the most enduring memories. Can't wait." - Jim, 9th December 2016

Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
7th June, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
8th June, 2017
Support: KT Tunstall

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