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Lostboy CD

Q&A / Track by track

5 important questions

What and who is Lostboy! AKA?
Lostboy! is a genuine alter ego of Jim Kerr, a second self or perhaps mroe simply put - a persona within a person. Lostboy! AKA is the music attributed to the vision of that persona.

What inspired you to initiate Lostboy! AKA
I had a yearning to create something brand new, something that involved going back to the very beginning, something without past glories to depend on.

Does this mean an end to your involvement with Simple Minds?
No! Lostboy! AKA can and will move into the future in parallel with the continuing story of Simple Minds.

Will Lostboy! AKA also play live?
Yes he will, Lostboy! AKA was born to play live, likewise the music is screaming to be heard in a live context.

Describe the sound of Lostboy! AKA
Big melodic themes, turbo charged rhythms, guitars that shine. A noisy and juvenile explosion that comes from a wise head and sophisticated heart, it's a rock and roll clatter than involves sequencers and hidden symphonies. Retro and futuristic Lostboy! AKA already sounds timeless to me.

Track by track quotes

The prototype Lostboy! AKA track, it was also the first track conceived and I knew instantly that it would be the perfect album opener. In many ways it has all the ingredients that I hoped Lostboy! AKA would encapsulate, especially so with its supercharged vitality. Refugee is the calling inviting everyone to come into the world of Lostboy! AKA.

Within the remit Lostboy! AKA needed to prove that he could design excellent pop tracks done in his own way. Jez Coad's "spaghetti western" guitars light up the backdrop as the vocal beckons you to release whatever you may be tired of hiding, whatever you are holding back.

She Fell In Love With Silence
Involves the shattered emotions of a victim of domestic abuse as she pauses to question how to make changes in life. Far from being overburdened with its subject She Fell In Love With Silence bounces along with a searing melody that delights and somehow projects the feeling that "the blows will stop."

Return Of The King
Dedicated to fellow Scottish singer Billy Mackenzie who fronted the exceptional band The Associates. Billy was not only an amazing talent but like many of our generation he was enamored much by those great collective albums produced by Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Written as a tribute to Billy and all our generation.

Red Letter Day
Lostboy! AKA will spread his message most potently through playing live. This meant that I was often hunting down ideas that I envisaged had the force to knock down the walls of any venue, large or small. Red Letter Day displays the power of a great band in the studio. Recorded quickly and off the cuff, it also owes much of its feeling to the - set them up and knock them down - attitude that ran throughout the very brief recording period.

Remember Asia
Song lyrics can ring true or have something of hte fantastical about them. Both even! If I told you that Remember Asia involves a character caught up in the panic of an earthquake warning, it would be normal of you to suppost that the story ame to me second hand. Not so!

Bulletproof Heart
Written and released originally by Fingerprintz in 1980, out of respect I asked the composed if I could rewrite the verse, as I wanted to adapt them to my own vision. I love my hometown of Glasgow for many reasons including the fact that it made me. Sadly last year it was reported that the city now has the highest murder rate per capita in Europe. My angst over this is evident in teh delivery of this song.

A postcard written to a long lost friend, recalling innocent days and a character that knew only fearless dreams. No ambition was ever too big and no aventure too scary for this friend. The lyrics track back to a particular late night conversation in a Times Square cafe, where our pledges were made, as were the vows that to this day I have never forgotten.

Nail Through My Heart
Despite the thundering cy from the heart chorus - Nail Through My Heart is more musical cinescape than song. The range of atmospheres that we work from is already expansive throughout this debut album, but it is sure to grow even more as Lostboy! AKA moves with quickened pace into the future. Written in London, overlooking Hyde Park, on an afternoon when a storm took over the city, the music seems to portray an overwhelming calmness that begs to be broken.

Soloman Solohead
Out in the backwoods the mercenaries are gathering, preparing for high tech war. As ever one individual sticks out more thant the others of this extreme group. He is SOLOMAN. More than 30 years ago Simple Minds wrote a real dark horse of a song called Citizen (Dance Of Youth). In spirit, Soloman is a distant cousin.

The Wait
Possibly the loneliest song that I have ever written, it concentrates on an inner dialgoue flashing through the head of an Olympian runner as he steps up to the mark. "Winning is never all in life, and the race itself is the prize," he tells himself as he crosses the line. And with that I also cross the line witht a track that makes the most suitable ending to the debut album!