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cynical heart by jam and spoon featuring jim kerr: information

  • Jam & Spoon are Jam El Mar and Mark Spoon - remixers from Germany.

  • They had previously been involved with Simple Minds by remixing Don't You (Forget About Me) for the Glitterball single in 1998.

  • When they wrote Cynical Heart, they simply called up Jim and asked if he wanted to do it - the recording took half-an-hour.

  • Jim mentioned that he should've spent more time on the recording - and that it would've benefited from Charlie's involvement.

  • The video featured Jim at a fashion show, watching the models on the catwalk. Various fights break out amongst the models backstage, fuelled by long standing feuds and jealousy. In some respect, the video is similar to the original Love Song video with Jim simply being an observer as events happen around him.

  • The 3" CD was part of the Pock iT! range (see - a very limited collectable edition. 3" CDs were popular in the late 1980s, but the format was unsuccessful as special adapters were required to play them in CD players.

  • But the 3" CD format was introduced in Germany in June 2003 as a very limited stock with selected titles by Sony, Universal & EMI Records. They were not sold at every store and those who sold them only received a few copies of each title from their suppliers. They were often outsold in a few days or unavailable in stores due to pre-orders. Supposedly they're going to be a rare, collectable & a future sought-after item!

  • One track radio promos featured the Radio Mix of the song.

  • The song was performed live during the first Lostboy! AKA Tour after fans reminded Jim of the track.

cynical heart: quick reference
CD   Cynical Heart Island 981 468-4
1.  Cynical Heart[Radio Mix]  (3:45)
2.Cynical Heart[Extended Radio Mix]  (6:07)
3.Cynical Heart[Cet Merlin Mix]  (7:43)
4.Show Me Your Strength l.g.(6:19)

3" CD   Cynical Heart Island 06024 9815192
1.  Cynical Heart[Radio Mix]  (3:45)
2.Show Me Your Strength l.g.(6:19)

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