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radio and tv live broadcasts

old grey whistle test (tv)
Broadcast: 27th March 1979
Life In A Day/Cheslea Girl
On the eve of their first UK tour, Simple Minds appeared on this national TV show, introduced by Anne Nightingale. Broadcast on the eve of their first single, it was a showcase for the album and tour.

The whole performance was later released on the Seen The Lights DVD.

paris theatre, london, uk (radio)
Recorded: 8th August 1979
Scar/Here Comes The Fool/Life In A Day/White Light/White Heat/Chelsea Girl/Pleasantly Disturbed-Memory Of A Free Festival
This show was broadcast by the BBC as part of their In Concert series in 1979. By coincidence, it was a double-bill with The Pretenders. An original copy of the broadcast can be found on the Past Daily website. The presenter introduces Simple Minds and mentions Life In A Day, their still untitled second album and name-checks Scar.

The show was heavily bootleg and parts were finally released on Silver Box.

old grey whistle test (tv)
Broadcast: 27th November 1979
Bruce was desparate to get the band back on the show, and after talking to the producer he discovered they would be happy to film Simple Minds, except they were working in New York at the time. No problem; after talking to US promoter Ruth Polesky, the band briefly interrupted their European tour, playing two dates at Hurrah's and Trax

The Hurrah gig was filmed and broadcast. This live version of Premonition was also released as the B-side of Changeling.

The whole performance was later released on the Seen The Lights DVD.

bbc in concert (radio)
Broadcast: 9th January 1980
Here Comes The Fool/Calling Your Name/Factory/Changeling/Room
Another show specifically recorded from the Paris Theatre, this performance has been bootlegged but as yet unreleased.