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John Scarlett-Davis

Studio performance

Apparently shot back-to-back with the Waterfront video, Speed Your Love To Me despite losing its frenzied audience was no less of an energetic affair. Jim jumps around giving it his all, Derek bobs up and down in an effort to upstage, whilst behind them Mel starts to emerge as a powerhouse behind the group.

Shot on a bare stage with blue screen, first a selection of roads and tunnels are back projected (M8 in Glasgow anyone?), before being prompted "higher and higher" the camera takes off altogether, flying out over the lochs and mountains of Scotland.

Despite more use of the special effects machine, it's still a classic video. And Australian show Rage often used the loch aerial photography (and audience shots from Waterfront) for their inter-video links.

"[Rage footage] begins as per the extended version, with the aerial footage cued to follow the audio track. Faces screaming “Rage!” are then intercut from this point. The extended intro is slighty edited down to shorten things, and when Mel’s drums kick in we see footage of him from the Waterfront clip, followed by the above-crowd shots, and finally the whole thing ends in one long “Rage!” scream."

"The fact that the station has been using this since the late 80’s has made this piece of music synonymous with the TV program, and not Simple Minds. When the band were here last month and opened the song with the extended intro, I’m sure a lot of casual punters were wondering why the band were playing the Rage theme!" - Oliver

Seen The Lights - A Visual History Promo DVD Seen The Lights - A Visual History DVD Sparkle In The Rain Remaster Super Deluxe Box

collectors' information
VHS promotional videos from Visions Ltd exist, but are extremely rare. Both the countdown clock and label suggest that the video was completed on the 6th December, 1983.

the kids said:
"Another good 'un!"

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Jim waiting for his cue

The band

Backdrop of the M8

Derek and Mel before a quick pan right to Jim

Doctor Who opening titles

Charlie disappearing into a lock

Scary special effects