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australia - new zealand 2017

"It's been said Simple Minds has a love affair with Australia and I think that's true. It was the first country anywhere in the world to give us success and from our very first tours, we’ve always had a wonderful bond with Australian and New Zealand audiences. We have so many fantastic memories and can’t wait to be playing in both countries again." - Jim, August 2016

"Starting to now think about the upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand, and with that really looking forward to seeing the B-52's who we proudly share the bill with. Last time out in that part of the world we toured with the brilliant Devo, and being a fan, I think I watched their set every night. Lucky me. Likewise I am sure to do the same with B-52's, who's music coincidentally, I remember listening to very much during out first ever trip to OZ back in '81. A local fellow called George Golfi, became one of our best friends, he was a massive fan of the group from Athens, Georgia, and we became fans likewise. Talking of friends and coincidences, another reason we are looking forward to playing with them is that it will give us a chance to reconnect with sound engineer Frank Gallagher. Frank (born in Bannock, Falkirk) was our engineer for a few years during the early '80's, and his "take no prisoner" attitude to performing live, shaped a lot of our attitude then and continues to do so to this day. So... thinking about all of this... and the great audiences that are a feature of touring in Australia and New Zealand means I can't wait! See you there!" - Jim, 28th September 2016

A Day On The Green, Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth, Australia
2nd February, 2017
With: The B-52s

A Day On The Green, Rochford Wines, Yarra Valley, Australia
4th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

A Day On The Green, Leconfield Wines, McLaren Vale, Australia
5th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Australia
7th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia
9th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley, Australia
11th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

A Day On The Green, Sirromet Wines, Mount Cotton, Australia
12th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
14th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

Horncastle Arena, Christchurch, New Zealand
16th February, 2017
With: The B-52s

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