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in dreams

Written by: Kerr / Burchill

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Everybody knows that dreams are a series of thoughts and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. People who know the work of Simple Minds will perhaps also know that dreams are one of a few lyrical motifs that we have both used and return to.

Further proof of that can be heard in In Dream - listed as track 4 of our forthcoming new album Walk Between Worlds.

There is of course an extra definition of dreams/dreaming as in to have a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. Well, we had plenty of those and still do.

I guess it is within regards to that second meaning of dreams that we are often asked the kind of questions that goes "Did you dream that when you started out in your career that it would be possible to... etc?" "When you were buying records as a teenager, did you ever dream of becoming a lead singer in a rock band?"

Well the answer to both of those is no. Not at all! The thought never even occurred. Too outlandish by far.

And well, that kind of outlandish dreaming ended for me at a pre-teen age, when I realised some now basic home truths.

The most crushing then being the realisation that I would never get the chance to go on to play professional football with Glasgow Celtic. How could I? When I was not even talented enough to secure any regular place in the school team?

Then again, occasionally like yesterday morning and when I take a ball with me when out walking in Sicily, I still get very distant flashbacks to that dream.

Jim Kerr
12th December 2017

The lyrics will be added when the album is released.

Album Version (4:15)
Produced by Andy Wright, Gavin Goldberg and Simple Minds
Mixed by Gavin Goldberg
Assisted by Lewis Chapman

Walk Between Worlds LP Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Deluxe LP (Blue) Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Deluxe LP (Pink) Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Picture LP Walk Between Worlds CD Walk Between Worlds Limited Edition Deluxe CD