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love til you hate me

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This song was mentioned by Jim whilst being interviewed during the promotional period of Walk Between Worlds.

MM: What keeps the band going after 40 years?

JK: Apart from the fact that we enjoy it. Since we have been kids we have been creative. I got up early yesterday to work on a song that I am going to demo tomorrow night. There is no one making me do that and no one is screaming for new stuff, but I want to get this thing out of my head Ė Iím excited about it. If I get it out of my head, I will be able to move on to something next. Itís not always like that we have had periods when its been like getting blood out of a stone and those periods are horrible.

MM: Does the song have a title yet?

JK: Well, it does have a title, it's called "Love Til You Hate Me." It's a good title isnít it? It might not come out for twenty years when Iíll be eighty. (Laughs) It better come out before that. It might not even be perfect, but the point is to get to the great you have got to go through the good the bad and the indifferent. But maybe Iíll go into the studio to work on the track and meet a young engineer who will work on the next album. You just have to be engaged.

Jim Kerr and Mark Millar
January 2018

The song was touched upon again when Mark Millar interviewed Jim again for 40: Best Of: 1979-2019 and the forthcoming 40: Years Of Hits Tour: "It needs to be brought up. I played it to a few people and it got a good reaction. It's a bit of an oddball - we haven't got anything like it, whereas the bunch of songs we wrote in the summer all sit well and nicely together, but sometimes it is a great song but it's not the song's moment, and then there are other songs that you think you would never look at that again. It's the greatest thing when you have got it playing on the laptop and stuff pops up, and you go, "What is that again?" And you kind of crack it from a distance and find what is wrong with it, and you go back and upgrade it a bit. I think 'Love Til You Hate Me' is due an upgrade, but there is something strong there." - Jim, XNoise Interview with Mark Millar, October 2019

The lyrics have not been published