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simple minds: new gold dream (81,82,83,84): rockfield demos
1. Promised You A Miracle[Demo](?:??)
2. King Is White And In The Crowd[Demo](?:??)
3. The Low Song[Demo](?:??)

recording date
January 1982

Simple Minds #9


additional information
The band took time off touring January 1982 to rehearse and prepare for the second leg of the Sons And Fascination tour. However, this break at Rockfield allowed them to work on new ideas, and the groundwork for New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) was first laid.

Lengthy jamming sessions produced instrumental versions of King Is White And In The Crowd, The Low Song and Promised You A Miracle.

However Promised You A Miracle was the idea that refused to be ignored and the group were confident enough with their progress that they effectively demoed it during their Kid Jensen session the following month. It was recorded with Pete Walsh in the producer's chair a week later, just as the band departed the UK to continue the Sons And Fascination tour.

No recordings from Rockfield have surfaced (with the probable exception of a very early version of In Every Heaven - see below.) It's likely, with the exception of Promised You A Miracle, that the band simply produced a number of instrumental jams of varying lengths.

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simple minds: new gold dream (81,82,83,84): rockfield demos: (ngd reel 1)
1. In Every Heaven[Demo](4:35)
2. In Every Heaven[Instrumetal Demo](4:38)

recording date
5th November 1981 (this is obviously incorrect!)

Simple Minds #9


Townhouse Studios

virgin reference
VU00018871 (rough mix: r01)

virgin track-listing
1. In Every Heaven With Rough Guide VOX
2. In Every Heaven B/T

additional information
This tape features two very early rough demos of the same song: an early demo with the beginning of vocals and an instrumental version.

This slow tempo song features a drum machine, arpeggio synths, solid slow chord strumming by Charlie and a guide vocal by Jim. The lyrics are really simple guides and haven't been fully worked out: it's just "In Every Heaven" repeated. The song and its arrangement have nothing in common with the final track - this is effectively a different song with the same lyric.

The tape itself features a Townhouse sticker, title Simple Minds Rough Mixes and the date 5/11/81. The date is obviously incorrect as Simple Minds were in Canada at the time. Therefore the date of these recordings is a mystery, but given the early nature of the song, then it probably dates back to the Rockfield sessions of January 1982. (Although that doesn't explain why the tape has a Townhouse sticker and not a Rockfield sticker).

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