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This is the Verona Press Kit which was given to journalists at a media pre-screening of the video. It includes the standard Verona press release, the pre-screening press release and a promo copy of the video's sleeve all presented in a smart silver Virgin Video folder.



The first ever Simple Minds commercially available video is set for release by Virgin Music Video on May 18th 1990.

Entitled Verona, this ninety minute live music programme is set in the magnificent Roman amphitheatre in the ancient city of Verona and captures the internationally best-selling rock band performing fourteen songs which span their whole career. Filmed in September 1989 using a crew of sixteen cameras, each aspect of the concert is covered providing the viewer with an insight to the atmosphere created at the ultimate stadium concert.

Full Tracklisting:

Street Fighting Years
Let It All Come Down
Mandela Day
This Is Your Land
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Gaelic Melody
Kick It In
Belfast Child
Sanctify Yourself
East At Easter
Alive And Kicking

Simple Minds - Verona will be available for high street stores and music video stockists at a retail price of 11.99. Catalogue number: VVD 610



Verona is the culmination of years of planning, negotiation and development. Filmed on one night last September in the northern Italian town, it is the first ever footage of Simple Minds available for the home video market.

Since their inception in the late seventies, Simple Minds have proved themselves as one of the most exciting live bands, their fans and the media have called on them to make a live concert video since they first gravitated to the arena circuit, but they have always shyed away from teh idea until they were sure that the time was right.

Since they met up with director Andy Morahan, and he worked on their promo videos, there has been a feeling that the combination of artist and director might be right for the project. Looking at their tour itinerary for the Street Fighting Years Tour of 1989, they realised that the final venue on the tour would give them just the opportunity to shoot the spectacular live film they had always planned.

The amphitheatre in Verona is a tremendously preserved relic of the Roman Empire. In the time of the Caesars, they closed all the exits and flooded t he amphiteatre to stage mock sea battles between roman galleons. Some two thousand years later the amphitheatre was to accommodate a modern epic... Simple Minds - on film.

On the day of the shoot, the UK video industry was up in arms... and in London, no-one could hire a fire rate video camera and crew, they were all on their way to Italy on some sort of mysterious assignment. It wasn't until the units returned home that everyone learned of the vast live music video project which had taken place.

Sixteen 16MM cameras, plus various hand-helds and super-eights had filmed the basic live performance and had captured the essential atmosphere of the event. After months of editing and sound-mixing, the finished film was finally ready, with a release date set for May 18th.

From that point the project had to be set-up; using the Nelson Mandela Concert at Wembley Stadium in mid-April as the logical launch point, a marketing campaign was conceivd which would emphasise and promote the cover photograph of Jim Kerr as the initial image of the film. Carefully selected coverage in music papers, the national press, video and music trade press and on bus fronts and in tube stations, combined with striking in-store promotional materials and a national television campaign have helped build the swelling interest amongst the Simple Minds' fans into huge expectancy within the music buying public at large.

"Verona", the finished programme, is every bit the spectacular film that the band had hoped for and the public had expected. It captures the excitement and exhilaration of attending a unique concert by one of the world's greatest rock bands. "Verona" is the music video of 1990.

Thank you for attending this screening of the film and should you have any questions about "Verona" please feel free to contact me or anyone else at Virgin Music Video.


The promo video sleeves have "DISPLAY" printed across the classification rating (which is given on the bottom right corner of the back sleeve). These video sleeves are also completely flat as they've never been folded into a VHS case.