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associated with simple minds: 1994-1995

Mark Schulman Mark Schulman joined the Good News From The Next World sessions after a recommendation from Keith Forsey. One of the drummers on the album, he stayed with Simple Minds for the small US Christmas Show tour of 1994 and the main Good News From The Next World Tour of 1995.

"In 1985, Keith had written Don't You (Forget About Me), and had been hired to produce it for The Breakfast Club film soundtrack. He had written it for Billy Idol, but Billy turned it down. He needed to find another artist to perform the song and he chose Simple Minds."

"When I was on a break from touring with Foreigner, Keith called me to see if I was available to record a track with Simple Minds that he had just written for the Mario Brothers movie. Keith called me to record this track and actually asked me to bring a bass player of my choice (at a handsome rate of $2000/day). I have often said that Keith Forsey bought my first house for me. Keith is energetic, hilarious, enormously talented and one of my favorite people in the business."

"Life kept getting better and better. I brought in my buddy, bass player Mark Browne. We had a ball and Jim and Charlie from Simple Minds were great to work with. They decided that since we were all set up and it was going well, we would record another three tracks and work the rest of the week. One track turned into four tracks. Four tracks turned into the entire record."

"Simple Minds wanted to record more tracks in their studio in Loch Earn, Scotland. They decided to wait until my pending European tour with Foreigner was finished. I flew Kelly out from L.A. when it was time to go to Scotland and we decided to rent a car and use the opportunity to drive on the left side of the road all the way up from London. Kelly did most of the driving and scared the crap out of me a few times!"

"Arriving at night in the pitch black, they put us up at the Four Seasons Hotel and we woke up stunned by the beauty of the lake This was not the Fours Seasons we had been accustomed to, rather a hotel comprised of boutique Scottish bungalows, owned and built by an older couple, the Scotts, It was unique in that there was no concierge, no health club, no television and no 700 thread count sheets. There were, however, freshly baked scones and clotted cream brought in every morning and a warm fire in the lobby. It was perfect."

"It was an extraordinary time, making this record over the course of a few months in the Scottish Highlands. We also recorded in L.A. and at U2's studio in Dublin. As a matter of fact, we had so much fun that they offered me the tour after the recording, Good News From The Next World was completed."

"By this point, I had done over 400 shows with Foreigner and recorded a new record with them as well; I was ready for a change. I accepted the offer to tour with Simple Minds and left Foreigner at the end of 1994."

"The Simple Minds gig lead to many other opportunities including some new equipment endorsements. These endorsement deals brought me the opportunity to perform at the largest music trade show in the world, the Musik Messe in Germany where I met bass player, Steffi Steffan. Through meeting Steffi, I got an offer to tour and eventually record an album with one of the greatest German artists of all time, Udo Lindenberg."

"My initial Attitude in being proactive instead of rebellious about the Keith Forsey situation has brought me years of success and great financial return doing what I love to do. I believe that I would have lost all of the preceding opportunities had my attitude and behavior been different." - Mark Schulman

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