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once upon a time: dvd-audio

1. Once Upon A Time[DVD-Audio Extended Mix](6:20)
2. All The Things She Said[DVD-Audio Mix](4:16)
3. Ghost Dancing[DVD-Audio Mix](4:46)
4. Alive And Kicking[DVD-Audio Mix](5:24)
5. Oh Jungleland[DVD-Audio Mix](5:12)
6. I Wish You Were Here[DVD-Audio Mix](4:42)
7. Sanctify Yourself[DVD-Audio Mix](5:00)
8. Come A Long Way[DVD-Audio Extended Mix](5:24)

Virgin DVDAV 2364
DVD9 L0 81301692/1 V01

Picture DVD with colour 8 page booklet in DVD-Audio jewel case.

release date
April 2005

Michael MacNeil piano and synthesisers
Charles Burchill guitars
Mel Gaynor drums and vocals
John Giblin bass guitars
Jim Kerr lead vocals

additional lead singer Robin Clark
backing vocals Michael Been of The Call, The Simms Brothers, Carlos Alomar
extra percussion on All The Things She Said Sue Hadjopoulos

produced by Jimmy Iovine and Bob Clearmountain
engineered by Moria Marquis and Mark McKenna
assisted by Martin White
technical assistance Bob Schwall Judy Reeves and Bob Tis
studio crew Dougie Cowan and Paul Kerr
coordination Gemma Corfield and Debbi Caponetta

recorded at Townhouse Studios, London
mixed at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, New York and Right Track Studios, New York City Summer '85
mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York City

nourishment Dora Carllyn, Randy Michaels and Albert Grossman

art by Mick Haggerty
photography by Anton Corbijn

thanks to Simon Draper, Jordan Harris, Ian Flooks Ian Copleland, Dave Hill and The Pretenders, Alfred Bos, Keith Forsey, Anton Corbijn, Barwell Court Rehearsal Studios and all at Virgin Records Britain, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and to Everyone at A&M Records USA

special thanks to Gemma Corfield, Mark Harvey and Steve Bramberg

very special thanks to Big Dan Yer Man and to Bruce Findlay, Robert White and Jane Alison and all at Schoolhouse Management.

Mixed and produced by Ronald Prent at Galaxy Studios, Belgium using an API-Vision Discrete Analog Surround Music Production Console.
Original 24-track analog tapes reproduced with a Studer A820.
Recorded to a Pyramix Workstation in 96/24 using dCs AD/DA converters.

Mastered by Simon Heyworth at Galaxy Reference Mastering using the SPL MMC1 mastering console, Pyramix and ProTools workstations.
With thanks to Super Audio Mastering for mix and mastering co-ordination on behalf of Virgin Records.

additional information
This DVD-Audio can be played in DVD players equipped with DVD-A 5:1 Surround Sound or DTS Surround Sound systems. Playback is also possible in PCM systems, but only in stereo.

Bonuses include:

The packaging is based on the mini-vinyl artwork of the limited edition remaster. The credit and album information on the sleeve is in many cases too difficult to read.