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  • The next studio album by Simple Minds is expected late 2017.

  • Work began on the demos for this album in September 2014, just after the competion of Big Music.

  • Possible new songs for consideration include: Chrome Heart, Fire Fighter, Harmonize, Human Trafficking, Love's Bonfire, Machines, Photograph, Planet Zero, Signal And The Noise, Solstice Kiss, Traffic, Tsunami and Utopia.

  • "It has become a tradition for us to begin work on future music before the current new album has even been released. That tradition continues. Big Music - our 16th album will be released in a matter of days and we hope you'll enjoy listening to it, perhaps it will be embraced in the same way as much of our music has been? Meanwhile, we have already started work on songs for the next phase - for what will be our 17th album. It will be a while before it sees the light of day of course, nevertheless the future of Simple Minds has already begun." - Jim, 26th October 2014

  • "Some have been asking about the countless tunes/songs that although worked on over the last years have nevertheless not been included on the soon to be released Big Music. Among those is a song called Planet Zero which although a favourite of ours, was deemed not quite ready, and therefore not quite good enough... yet. Nothing strange about that though. Some ideas need to "find their time." The idea for the song Big Music first surfaced over a decade ago for example. But it was not until last year that we were finally happy with the finished result. Planet Zero will see the light of day however, I am sure of it. But only when it is good enough." - Jim, 27th October 2014

  • "There's this song I'm very excited about – that you introduced to me, a guy called Steve Eddie, a song called Fireball – God, I've had that for seven or eight years and I played that this last month and I just know that its time has come." - Jim, The Real McCoy, January 2015

  • "Very excited on hearing an update of our first post Big Music work. The new tune written by Ged Grimes, has been buzzing around our heads for a while. Hearing it come out the studio speakers is another experience entirely. Feels good to know that just six months from our latest album release, and coming on the back of a recently completed three month long tour, that Minds have begun work on a brand new album of original material. Our 17th...I think?" - Jim, 28th May 2015

  • "In London it is hot today. But it is time for Simple Minds to mobilise again. No time to hang around. Time to crack on, get moving forward, thinking about new music and make the early manoeuvres of what will be some new future record." - Jim, 24th September 2015

  • "Back to work: Began yesterday and it's all good! Working on a Charlie Burchill tune called A Silent Kiss. Kind of dark, very romantic, related in style to both Liaison and Bittersweet from Big Music. Some songs you seemingly have to dig very deep to create. Others seem like they just want to jump out of you - somehow already fully formed. Some come easy, some more elusive. This one feels great already" - Jim, 4th January 2016

  • "We're writing [the new album] and recording it, yes. Before we'd even finished Big Music, I was adamant that it wasn’t going to be a flash in the pan, some little purple patch. I think that to get 15 really good songs, you've got to be messing with about 30 to 40 pieces of music. We’re motoring again." - Jim, 25th January 2016

  • "Looking forward to spending a couple days with Andy Gillespie - working on some new tunes. The last one we worked on together was Midnight Walking. Turned out pretty good!" - Jim, 3rd February 2016

  • "A bit breathless after the frantic pace of last week. Thanks to Paul Statham and Gavin Goldberg for helping out so much with the "new stuff." Thanks also to Gorbals Sound in Glasgow. Got some good work done there thanks to Andy Gillespie no less. Although in great creative form, Andy was a little distant, not that communicative verbally, sort of... in his own world. But that's fine, the music sounded wonderful." - Jim, 14th February 2016

  • The album's recording was delayed during 2016, when the band switched track, and recorded Acoustic. "This experience [the acoutic album] has reinvigorated and excited us about the potential of new songs, which we’ll begin recording soon."

  • "[We're in] London today. As always we'd love to get to the Natural History Museum, but no time? There is now a few days break from the Night Of The Proms tour of Germany, but no real break. That explains this London trip where we are pushing on recording the follow-up album to Big Music - released two years ago. Some will immediately want to know when it is scheduled to be released? It is scheduled to be released when we think "this is the very best we can do at this moment in time!" Why is it important to continue writing/recording at all? Don't we have enough songs already etc? Do audiences want to hear new stuff from classic acts? Questions like these are valid. However it is the fact that we continue to write and record that helps us continue to evolve. And if you are not evolving artistically - then you are already dead. Great new songs, worthy of getting excited about, help keeps things fresh. Rejuvenation takes hold naturally. And that feeling alone results in Simple Minds not feeling that they are merely a museum piece... yet!" - Jim, 5th December 2016

  • "Lots happening. Aussie tours, Acoustic tours and other stuff about to be announced as well. But let's not forget we are pushing ahead/getting excited with the follow up to Big Music. And that bring us today to London where we don't even have time for tea breaks. - Jim, 19th January 2016

  • Recording of the album finished in late March 2017, with the tracks still needing mixing and mastering. At that point, Simple Minds had embarked on their Acoustic live tour.

  • "The snow is falling in Glasgow as I write. And although it might be hard to imagine while looking out the window, officially yesterday was the first day of Spring. Time marches indeed. Today is Charlie's last day of recording on what is destined to be our new album - Simple Minds 17th to date. In a few hours he will pick out the last few beautiful notes, and most probably blast out some last minute ideas. The guitars will then go back in the cases, to be packed away until next week when rehearsals for the Acoustic Live tour begin. With the exception of the odd backing vocals to be added at a later date, I have also finished with my involvement in the recording. And so that is that! Another chapter in our story written, another effort complete. I like this current momentum in particular. Two and a half years since the release of our last album Big Music, and only 4 months since the release of Acoustic. In between we have toured extensively, while trying to also have some semblance of lives outside of the music. One that involves family and all that other crucial stuff. We've certainly had one or two "slow motion" career periods, but our own "march of time" has thankfully never really stopped since we started writing songs 40 years ago. It shows no sign of doing so either. So what will we do tomorrow, the day after an entire album recording has been concluded? We will get up early and start thinking about our next album - our 18th. This is how we live, it is the rhythm of our lives." - Jim, 21st March 2017.

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