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  • The next Simple Minds studio album is expected in 2021.

  • Recording has finished for the currently untitled next studio album. However, never a band to rest on their laurels, Simple Minds are already considering the next one.

    "I was reminded to go check the Jasmine planted last October. Situated under an old olive tree that stands just outside my door, I was startled at how it has grown. In keeping with the theme, I guess. That reminded me that I needed to check out an original song demo written and made six years ago with the working title Jasmine Revolution. Coincidence, or what? Jez Coad (producer of both Simple Minds albums Black And White 050505 and the follow up Graffiti Soul) had co-written that almost forgotten song with me, just about around the time I was thinking of a follow up to my Lostboy! AKA solo thing. However, that and quite a few other Jez tunes had been put on the "back burner" as Simple Minds touring schedule took priority and well, time just marches on relentlessly in the way it does. It is only one of very many ideas that I almost had forgotten about entirely. I suspect Jez had also. Both probably always meaning to get round to reappraising at some point in the future."

  • "But Simon Hayward, (another Lostboy! AKA cohort) had for some reason recently recommended that I should get Jez to dig it out for me, and that I should now give it a good listen with "fresh ears". And so I did just that, last night. And my impression going back and listening after so much time? Loved it!"

  • "But within a heartbeat, I now could also hear what was wrong with it as is, and how it could be much improved particularly in the vocal melody. At this point I have to say how much of a talent Jez Coad is. Many hardcore Minds fans who appreciate Stay Visible, A Life Shot In Black And White and Blood Type O will already know that. All of them being Jez's tunes. Additionally, Simple Minds will always owe so much to Jez for nurturing us through a tricky period in our history, one that nevertheless laid strong foundations. In turn leading to the current positive momentum. All thanks to Jez. And there you have it. Mere days after completing recording on our latest album - the 17th. I am already excited about getting round to revisiting Jasmine Revolution and what might well turn out to be the first song of our 18th release. But let's not get too ahead ourselves. Right? - Jim, 28th March 2017.

    "Didn't really mean to interrupt Cherisse Osei, especially when both her and Charlie Burchill are working extremely hard throughout these days in the studio. Thankfully Cherisse does not seem to mind too much!"

    Jim Kerr
    23rd June 2017

  • "Spent an enjoyable few days in London. Plenty of pleasure - including museums and parks, but almost as always some exciting work took place. Plenty of birthdays were taking place also. My son and my ex are only days apart. Happy Birthday to them!"

    "Particularly buzzing with the progress that was made on a new song. It is a Ged Grimes tune that I have always believed was full of potential - but as yet despite various committed attempts, has not quite felt finished in the writing. Particularly so in the lyrics and top line melody, where logically it always seemed complete. And yet, somehow it never quite left us feeling that it had delivered enough in an emotional sense."

    "For me, a song/piece of music is almost all about how/and if/ it makes me feel? And above all, if it takes me into its world enough to 'really make me care?'. Of course all that high fallutin' stuff apart, it matters a ton that you can hum or whistle it after only one or two hearings. That surely goes without saying."

    "I suppose that all seems easy enough to understand. But it is never easy to explain why a feeling works strongly enough, or not, through music. In my experience you just have to keep faith in the original excitement, and yet push forward over time, returning again and again with new perspectives, trying new and additional ideas until at last some kind of breakthrough is made. It is then, if you are lucky, that the melody finally soars more than before, and the right balance of emotion bursts through, complimenting each other precisely."

    "It is usually then that all in the room look at each other with an expressions that says "We are definitely onto something here." Some reading this could be forgiven for thinking. 'Hang On! Still writing? I thought the new Simple Minds album had already completed recording?'"

    "And if course it has. But there is a keenness to get a move on with the early stages of writing for the album after our next release, and for what I hope will be the backbone songs for a fantastic new album. One that's good enough to find us (and you) feeling that we are still artistically potent in the decade after this. In other words the songs now being worked on will surface in 2021, all part of five year plans that we subsequently make for ourselves."

    "And there really is no sign of stopping for Simple Minds. Not now, and not ever that we plan on. The hand of fate will of course decide in due course what really is to be. But as far as writing, recording, performing etc? We are enjoying this period in our lives and careers as much as ever."

    Jim Kerr
    8th September 2017

  • At the time of the release of Walk Between Worlds, Jim was working on four songs which would form the backbone of the new album. "I'm rushing into the next album just now. We've got hte bit between our teeth. Where that drive to move on comes from, I don't know. But it's kind of a characteristic of mine - moving ahead." - Jim, Classic Pop Magazine, January 2018

  • During the many promotional interviews for Walk Between Worlds, Jim mentioned working on a new idea called Love Til You Hate Me. Another new idea was to resurrect a really old one, which was Act Of Love (although I'm not sure how serious he was about that one!)

  • "Once the songs are written we begin recording them. This we have been doing since 1977, when we entered a professional recording studio for the first time. Coincidentally, we already have new recording time booked for next month. No again changes there? We go on as we always have, which is my point. Even if, the technological aspects within the recording process are forever changing." - Jim, 2th November 2018

  • "In London this morning it is equally sunny, and the darkness associated with winter has been replaced with the new light of a different season. That feels good. I'm here to do a number of things, including finishing off work on the writing of a couple of new songs. Two among many that is, of which we will work on during the months ahead. When will these songs see the light of day? No idea. But they will play a part in our future, and on the subject of things surreal? The reality being, that having now begun work on a new phase, means that our little band is destined to have released music in six different decades entirely?" - Jim, 27th February 2019

  • "It worked, back in Spring '85, when I came to spend a week or so finishing off lyrics to bunch of songs that became the backbone of our Once Upon A Time album. I Wish You Were Here, Ghostdancing, All The Things She Said, plus, my favourite at that time, Oh Jungleland, all featured. In Nice again, thankfully it still works. Sky and sea remain as blue as ever, meanwhile this new music contains the same kind of uplifting energy as it did back then. Some things never change!" - Jim, 14th March 2019

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