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Lostboy CD

press release

earMUSIC announces the first solo album by Jim Kerr

earMUSIC, the international pop rock label of Hamburg based entertainment group Edel, is happy to announce the release of "LOSTBOY! AKA JIM KERR", the first album from Simple Minds singer and songwriter outside his band, in over 30 years of their astonishing career.

Produced by Jez Coad (behind the desk on the latest two Simple Minds albums that peaked on both sales and radio charts around the world) who is also playing guitars and keyboards, the album features Charlie Jones on bass (five albums with Robert Plant, two with Page/Plant and three with Goldfrapp) while drums are recognisable from the first beat: Mel Gaynor, Simple Minds' drummer since 1983 is the master behind the drum-kit.

Lostboy! Aka is by all means a solo album by Jim Kerr. The decision to use a new brand like Lostboy! is to underline the intention of the Scottish singer of developing a parallel career with Lostboy! together with the never-stopping success of Simple Minds.

The album has a wide spectrum of sounds and emotions. From the electro-alternative of She Fell in Love With Silence (which echoes Joy Division memories), to the recognisable Simple Minds sound of the instantly classic Shadowlands, pop gems like the title-track or Bulletproof Heart through leftfield episodes like Nail Through My Heart or Return Of The King.

Not one filler song. One alternative pop masterpiece after another. Without doubt, one of the albums of the year. A record for all Simple Minds fans, but also an album for all the fans in love with the British sound that made the world better after the Punk cultural revolution in 1977.

"Somehow I had tuned into the boy that I used to be, the passionate kid that I had left behind, and mysterious as that all was, there was no denying how thrilled I was to be reconnecting with the energetic outlook and liberating values at the core of that distantly familiar character. Rapidly I then began considering what kind of songs could be created if I could immerse myself "now" in engaging fully with that young ghost. LOSTBOY AKA! is the result of that curiosity, and I am exhilarated by it. No mere dance with the past - thanks to the vision of cowriter and producer Jez Coad - much of these songs feel to me that they could be signals from tomorrow. Its only a first step, but I can easily imagine taking this new relationship much further in parallel with the continuing great story of Simple Minds." (Jim Kerr, March 2010)

Lostboy! will let the fans get a taste of the new album through the website The song Refugee has been made available as a free download. The official Youtube Channel by Lostboy! will also be regularly updated with outtakes, remixes and videos.