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Lostboy Promo CD
James "Jim" Kerr is the founder and the voice of Simple Minds, one of the most influential British bands coming out of the Post Punk musical revolution in 1978 along with bands such as Joy Division, Magazine and Buzzcocks. Simple Minds worked hard for years releasing albums that are now described as a primary influence from bands like Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers, Cardigans, Kasabian and many others. After their "independent" years the band developed into stadium stardom together with U2, without losing the edge and the style of their beginnings. Jim Kerr and Simple Minds sold over 40 millions albums and enjoyed Top 5 Chart success all over the world with singles like Don't You (Forget About Me), Alive And Kicking, Mandela Day and many others.

Jim Kerr’s musical culture has been strongly influenced by Punk Rock and by the love for heroes such as Bowie, Kraftwerk, Genesis and The Doors. No surprise that all these different influences have forged one of the most unique and brilliant voices and personalities in Pop Rock. After a period that Jim Kerr often has described as Simple Minds' "dark age" (the 90s, where the band nevertheless produced a number of brilliant albums) Simple Minds have been enjoying a new phase of great success and creativity. Their last two albums Black and White and the recent Graffiti Soul received resounding critical acclaim as well as Top 10 chart success.

The Lostboy project sees Jim Kerr dedicating his voice and his songwriting to a solo album outside of Simple Minds for the first time in over 30 years. Produced by Jez Coad (behind the desk on the latest two Simple Minds albums that peaked on both sales and radio charts around the world) who is also playing guitars and keyboards. The album features Charlie Jones on bass (5 albums with Robert Plant, 2 with Page/Plant and 3 with Goldfrapp) while drums are recognisable from the first beat: Mel Gaynor, Simple Minds' drummer since 1983 is the master behind the drum-kit.

Lostboy! is by all means a solo album by Jim Kerr. The decision to use a new brand like Lostboy is to underline the intention of the Scottish singer developing a parallel career with Lostboy together with the never-stopping success of Simple Minds.

The album has a wide spectrum of sounds and emotions. From the electro-alternative of She Fell in Love With Silence (which echoes Joy Division memories), to the recognisable Simple Minds sound of the instantly classic Shadowland, through leftfield episodes like Solo Man Solo Head or Return Of The King.

Not one filler song. One Alternative Pop masterpiece after another. Without doubt, one of the albums of the year. A record for all Simple Minds fans, but also an album for all the fans in love with the British sound that made the world better after the Punk cultural revolution in 1977.

Release 17 May