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shadowland: information

  • "Just heard the final mix of what will be the Lostboy! AKA's first single - to be released early this coming May. It is truly sparkling pop with a pulsating groove and a guitar motif to die for. I believe it is a great result in both sound and overall production. Been already told that the vocal has a Jim Morrison vibe. The melody and uplifting mood reminds me of The Associates, and yes it is very radio friendly." - Jim.

  • Shadowland was the first official release by Lostboy! AKA Jim Kerr.

  • The initial idea was to make the single available physically, but it eventually only appeared as a download. Those wanting a physical release had to track down the three track promos which were distributed in April 2010.

  • Cenzo Townshend was chosen to remix the title track after his work on Graffiti Soul. "The mixes are interesting. Cenzo's are superb. Smooth sounding and sort of luxurious with the edges rounded off. Some radio stations go for that. Jez Coad's are punchier, spikier, more indie sounding. More unique perhaps which is understandable as Jez only mixes on occasions whereas Cenzo does it day in day out and for all manner including SnowPatrol, U2, Franz Ferdinand etc." - Jim.

  • Amazon made three tracks available for download on the 9th May, which were the same three tracks previously available on the promos.

  • The official site suggested there would be a physical CD release on the 28th May. As yet, this has yet to appear. The tracks listed were:
    Shadowland [Cenzo Townshend Mix]
    Shadowland [Simon Hayward German Remix]
    What Goes On [Scary Monsters Remix]

shadowland: quick reference
MP3   Shadowland Edel
1. Shadowland[Cenzo Townshend Mix - Radio Edit]  (3:29)
2. Shadowland[Cenzo Townshend Mix]  (4:25)
3. Refugee(4:11)

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